About us

Dear partners,

TMC Group thanks you.

We have evolved together with the market and now we can be proud of an increasingly impressive portfolio of works and results that place us in the first line of profile companies in Romania

We have the honor to say about the group of companies: Tehnomontaj Construct, CIM Recycling Medical Europe 94 and Metalo-Montaj
that we have a team that is up to date with all the changes in the market, being constantly on the rise.
We believe that people are one of the keys to long-term success, which is why we attach great importance to continuous development and performance.
We aim to capitalize on our professional teams, technologies, innovation in industrial operations and strong operating models to replicate best practices in our business.

Some information

The numbers speak for themselves

years of experience
Completed projects

Innovative solutions

Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Greece, Sweden and almost every county in Romania. We worked where we were asked, and now we can help you to start and finish the project.

Industrial halls, metal structures, office buildings, shopping centers, structures for the petrochemical industries, health, public spaces, residential buildings, even design and interior design.

Experience matters

Experience, competence, competitiveness, adaptability, the development power of projects regardless of their complexity and the current technology we have, lead us to believe that we can be long-term partners and that we can provide high quality services at European and international standards. The complex projects from a technical and economic point of view represent challenges and trials that our teams have successfully faced, so that the completed projects have brought added value to our clients, thus becoming reliable partners for the future.

We are the team in which you can put all your trust that we will offer you the perfect solution.

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